OpenFin Test on Testable


Check out the Getting Started with OpenFin guide for a quick introduction on how to run your test script. Also check out our Selenium overview guide to better understand how Selenium tests run on Testable in general.

This document goes into further detail on the various options provided for running OpenFin test scenarios.

OpenFin tests can be written with a variety of the Selenium bindings that Testable supports. We provide an example project: openfin-wdio-testable-example. It is adapted from openfin-wdio-testable-example for Testable.

The example shows a example for testing your OpenFin application. For the most part this is no different than any other test with a few notable exceptions in the RunOpenFin.bat and wdio.conf.js files as discussed in the README file for the example project.

In your scenario make sure to choose Runtime Requirements = Windows if you want to run in the default OpenFin supported OS: Windows.

Windows Test Runner