Slack Integration


Our Slack integration allows you to be notified when tests start, finish, and fail. Customize the settings to decide which chat room in your workspace get the notifications, what should be included, and under what conditions to send a notification.

The integration configuration can be found at Org Management -> Integration.

Integration Slack

Enable Slack

Login to your Testable account and navigate to Org Management => Integrations => Slack tab. Press the button to enable the integration. This will redirect you to login to your Slack account, choose the appropriate workspace, and enable the integration.

Disable Slack

To disable you can either do it via Testable under Org Management => Integrations => Slack tab => Disable button. This will disable any further notifications to Slack from the current organization.

You can also remove the Testable app from your workspace in Slack. See the Slack documentation for more details. This will disable the integration to Slack for all Testable organizations that have an active Slack integration with that workspace.