AWS Marketplace


Testable offers two listing in the AWS Marketplace. If you already use AWS these can be a very convenient way to add Testable to your arsenal.

  1. A pay as you go account where the per test charges are paid via your AWS bill. This is offered as a SaaS listing in the marketplace.
  2. Unlimited testing via our AWS marketplace AMI . Start one or more EC2 instances with our marketplace AMI and run as many tests as you want where the load is generated from those instances. The AMI’s software charges appear on your AWS bill.


Pay Per Test

  1. Go to our listing in the AWS Marketplace. Make sure you are logged into your AWS account.
  2. Click the Continue button and follow the steps to sign up and you will eventually be redirected to Testable. Note: If you use SAML login you will need to manually change the URL in the browser from to https://[team]
  3. Login to your account or create a new one that you want to link with AWS.
  4. Once logged in your account will automatically be linked to your AWS account. If you have multiple organizations you will be prompted to decide which organization to link with AWS. Note that any linked organization to the chosen one will also automatically link to your AWS account.

Unlimited Testing

Start one or more EC2 instances and connect them together as a private region within your Testable account. You can then run as many tests as you want on test runners in that region without any additional charges.

  1. Launch one or more test runners using the Marketplace AMI and record the instance ids. Make sure instances are able to connect out to on port 443.
  2. Go to and login or register for an account.
  3. Once logged in, under Org Management => Test Runner Sources press the “Register Shared Instances” button.
  4. Use the instance ids from step 1 to register the newly launched test runners. They will take a few minutes after launch to appear here. Group test runners into regions using a region name of your choosing.
  5. Create a new test case and in the test configuration Locations section, choose the Self-Hosted => [region]. Load will be evenly distributed across the test runners registered in the selected regions.

FAQ - Pay As You Go

I have an enterprise or monthly plan. Can I pay the monthly/yearly subscription fees via AWS?

No. We can only bill you for additional Testable credits used above your plan’s monthly allotment. Monthly charges will still be handled via credit card or invoice as before.

My account has a different Cost Per Credit from what is advertised in the AWS Marketplace. How do you handle that?

We will scale the usage we send AWS for your account accordingly. The balance you see on Testable should match what you see on your AWS bill.

Can I change which Testable organizations are linked to my AWS account?

Please contact us and we will be happy to help.

How can I tell if an organization is linked to AWS for billing?

Make sure you select the organization and then go to the Org Management => Billing => Invoices page. You will see “Payment Gateway = AWS Marketplace” in the top right.