Execute a Test

If you have previously gone through the steps to Create a Test Configuration it is pretty simple to execute it again on demand. There are a few ways detailed below.

Dashboard Page: Repeat the last run

The last test configuration executed within a given test case is shown on your dashboard. Simply select one or more rows in the grid and press the Repeat button in the upper right to run those tests again.

Execute Test Dashboard

Test Case Page: Run one or more tests

Click on a test case in the left hand navigation or on the dashboard to load the test case details. In the Configurations grid, select one or more rows and press the Start/Repeat/Repeat All button in the upper right.

Execute Test

When you start one test the browser will redirect to the test execution results page where you can watch the results flow in real-time.

Via API Trigger

See the triggers documentation for more details about a simple way to start a test via API.