Gatling Overview

Testable has support for executing Gatling simulations in a globally distributed fashion.

Check out the Getting Started with Gatling guide for a quick introduction on how to run your simulation.

This section of the documentation goes into further detail on the various options, environment variables, etc that we support when running a Gatling test.

Creating a Gatling Scenario

There are two ways to create a Gatling scenario:

  1. Create a new Test Case (Create Test button on the dashboard or Test Cases -> New… on the left nav), select Gatling Simulation during step 2.
  2. Go to an existing test case and click on the Scenario tab. Click the New Scenario button and select Gatling as the scenario type.


The throughput metric is zero when I run my Gatling simulation. Anything I can do?

If your HTTP requests respond with a chunked transfer encoding, by default Gatling discards the response. As a result Testable is not able to measure the size of the response. To get around this you can add a configuration option to disable this functionality.

val httpConf = http