Getting Started - Katalon Recorder with

Follow the getting started guide for for a basic understanding of how to use with

Katalon Recorder is a test automation tool for the web, which allows you to record and replay actions performed to a website.

Start by installing the Katalon Recorder browser extension. Right now Chrome and Firefox are supported. You can install the Chrome extension in other chromium based browsers as well.

After installation open the extension which would look like this.

Katalon Recorder


  1. Create a new Test Case by pressing New.
  2. Press Record button to start recording.
  3. Open a new tab, and type your desired URL.
  4. Start Using the website; Katalon Recorder will record each of your action.
  5. After recording, you can stop the recording, and you will see all the steps you performed.
  6. Now open a new tab and hit Play All button to repeat your steps.


Exporting is quite easy, just click on the Export button in the toolbar and you would be presented with a window like this.

Katalon Recorder Export

Change the Format from the dropdown to

Note: Katalon Recorder is a great tool for quickly converting your actions to supported code. But there are some actions which are not yet supported by WebDriver (e.g. submit). You will see those in the export window.


Copy the content from the Katalon Recorder and head over to the getting started guide and follow the instructions to run your code on For the test spec, instead of using the code from the wdio-testable-example project, you can use the exported code from Katalon.