Version Control Integration

Our version control integration allows you to hook up your repository to a test case on the Testable platform.

Currently this is available for Puppeteer, Playwright, Selenium, JMeter, Gatling, and Locust scenarios.

To manage your repositories go to Org Management => Version Control.


New Version Control Root


Add integration to a new repository.

  1. Name: Give it a name that can be used as a label/reference within Testable
  2. Type: Currently only git repositories are supported
  3. Url: The URL to the git repository. Supports http(s) as well as SSH URL formats.
  4. Default Branch: When cloning the repository onto the test runner, the default branch will be used unless overridden in a particular test scenario.
  5. Authentication: Public repositories can be cloned with no auth. For private ones both username/password and SSH authentcation are supported.

Once you have filled in all the details, try out the connection using the Test Connection button.

Note: if you run your tests on premises you can connect to on premises Git repositories that may not be available externally. However the Test Connection feature will not work in this case as it will attempt to connect to your repository via the Testable central servers.


Both username and SSH style authentication are supported.



To authenticate via username and password you must use an HTTP(S) git url. Simply add your username/password to the repository configuration on Testable and test the connection to see if it worked.



To authenticate via SSH use an SSH style url (e.g. Upload your private key to the repository configuration on Testable and test the connection to see if it worked. If using GitHub see their SSH documentation for more details on the setup required on their side.

Edit/Delete Repository

Click on a row in the version control repository list and select Edit or Delete from the dropdown in the upper right of the Org Management => Version Control page.

Usage Within Testable

Currently only Selenium scenarios support version control integration. In the future this integration will be much more extensive, stay tuned!