Testable provides simple, intuitive, and powerful load testing tools. Customers can quickly define, run, and analyze the results of a load test. Let Testable figure out how many users your technology can handle within your required performance standards.

Some of the key differentiating features include:

  1. Wide variety of use cases. Test websites, APIs, databases, WebSockets, game backends, and any other network connected product. Best in class support for streaming technology.

  2. Many popular open source tools and platforms.. Define your test scenario using a variety of options including:

    • Node.js script
    • JMeter test plan
    • Gatling simulation
    • Locust file
    • PhantomJS or SlimerJS script
    • Webdriver.io script
    • Protractor script
    • Selenium Java code
    • Selenium Javascript code
    • Puppeteer code
    • Serenity BDD project
    • OpenFin application
    • HAR replay
    • Recorded interactions
    • Load a URL in Chrome
    • Run Postman Collections
  3. Flexible Test Runner infrastructure. Execute your test scenarios at scale in a variety of ways.

    • AWS Cloud: Run your test in either Testable's VPC or your own. Test runner EC2 instances can be automatically spun up and terminated as part of the test run even if it's in your AWS account.
    • Azure Cloud: Run your test in either Testable's virtual network or your own. Test runner VMs can be automatically spun up and terminated as part of the test run even if it's in your Azure account.
    • Self-Hosted: Spin up our test runner agent on as many machines as you want and assign your test to run on them. All that's required is Docker and the ability for the agent to connect OUT to agents.testable.io.
  4. Visualize results in real time. Flexible test result dashboarding technology lets you see what is important. Customize how you view your results, capture your own custom metrics, share your dashboard, download results, and more. We also integrate with solutions like New Relic for viewing and analyzing results.

  5. API for everything. All website operations have API equivalents. Our website and agents use the same API we provide to users and also provide a simple API for spinning up tests and monitoring results.

  6. Find your breaking point. Testable's intelligent scaling engine can take your test scenario and ramp up the number of simulated concurrent users until performance degrades below your required standards (e.g. response time less than 2 seconds, success rate greater than 80%, etc). Track how this number of supported concurrent users changes over time.